Data Viz

VC in the Pacific Northwest: January 2016

An overview of the Venture Capital activity in the Pacific Northwest in the month of November.

Betting on Bitcoin

Bitcoin prices have been dropping—and so have the number of bitcoin investments. But these numbers don't tell the whole story.

Startup Founder Demographics

A dynamic breakdown of the founders that power entrepreneurship in the United States: where they live, what they studied, and what their companies are worth now.

Private Equity

Explore Company Exits

Does the age of a company at exit an indication of its sustainability? We looked into companies' liquidity events, weighing their age at exit and the type of event – filing an IPO, M&A, Chapter 7 or 11 bankruptcy.

Predicting GP-LP Relationships

You're a Limited Partner with $350 million to spend on private equity in 2015, what funds should you look at?

Venture Capital

PitchBook's Recommended Reads

A collection of posts from the VC world.

VC Investment Overview

Historical analysis of VC investment between 2006-2014.

Your Best VC Investors

Venture Capital Interest based on industry, company age and financing size on their first round of financing.

VC's Investing Together

Co-investor Analysis - who invests with the most renowned VC firms?

VC Deal Flow by European Football League

A comparison of the major European football leagues according to amount of venture capital financings in their home country.

Venture Capital Heat Index

A comparison of the number of financings and median pre-money valuation in 2014 for select venture capital firms.

Venture Capital Conference Power Ranking

A comparison of the "Power 5" conferences according to amount of venture capital raised by CEOs who hail from those schools' undergraduate programs.

US Venture Capital Deal Flow

Explore the flow of VC money in the USA and learn about which industries are growing, where the new VC hotspots are, and how the VC industry has fared in recent years.

Mobile Co-Investments

Explore hidden connections in the world of venture capital. This data visualization known as a force diagram strings together investors, portfolios, and people who have invested in mobile technology companies in the last two years to paint a portrait of the industry.

Company Profile

Companies Similar to Fitbit

View Fitbit competitors identified through machine learning techniques.

Companies Similar to Square

View Square competitors identified through machine learning techniques.

Companies Similar to Dropbox

View Dropbox competitors identified through machine learning techniques.

Companies Similar to Airbnb

View Airbnb competitors identified through machine learning techniques.


Top VC-Backed Data Viz Startups

Here are some of the coolest, fastest-growing data visualization companies in the U.S.—who also happen to be racking up the biggest valuations.


US VC Heat Maps

Analysis of VC investments by State.

US Monthly Employee Growth

Median growth rate by State for private company employment in the US.

PE & VC in Europe

Where are the PE and VC hotspots in Europe? Browse our interactive graphic to learn more about the geography of European private equity and venture capital investments since 2010.

US PE Investments

Mapping out the location of investments in private equity across the United States from 2010 to 2014. Explore the geography of the US PE industry.