VC in the Pacific Northwest: January 2016

An overview of all the venture capital activity in the Pacific Northwest in the month of January. PitchBook collects private equity and venture capital data from all over the world. Also check out our reports, such as the 2015 Canada Private Equity breakdown. To learn more, try a free trial. If you have any questions about the data reach out to our research team at

Monthly VC Trends

Capital invested and number of deals in the Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia over the course of the past three years.

Fast Stats

$20M Median valuation for PNW headquartered businesses
$102.9B Amount invested in last year
13,563 Actively tracked private businesses and startups in the PNW.


Notable Investments


Notable Exits

Trending Businesses

PitchBook identifies trending companies with PitchBook Signals, a feature that measures growth with social media and web traffic data so that you can identify the fastest growing startups in the market.

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