Your Best VC Investors

Venture Capital is a business of calculated risks but it is often hard to tell which firms are willing to take the biggest. Which VC firms are ready and willing to participate in a $30 million financing round raised by a company that's less than a year old? Which are the firms most likely to invest in you, say, if you were a two-year-old software company trying to raise $25 Million in its first round? Who would be your best bet if you were a five-year-old company developing a Healthcare Device and needing to raise $10 Million?

PitchBook Data has put together this interactive chart that enables you to gauge which VC firms would participate in such financing rounds. We compiled 2 years’ worth of historical Venture Capital investment data comparing the amount raised to a company’s age at the time of first round of financing.

Feel free to apply filters by industry and the number of investments. Play around with it and let us know if you have any feedback –